‘Uprooted No.2’


‘Uprooted No.2’. Acrylic ink and resin on canvas panel. 30x30cm. Framed.
Overall dimensions including frame: 37x37x4cm presented in a ‘Larson Juhl, ARQ Bari’ black and gold float frame with a foil/paint finish.

One of a kind artwork, signed and dated on the front and back (copyright 2017).

“‘Uprooted No. 2’ is a panel from a series of six, each with the same title, originally presented as a Hexaptych. This series is about displacement and exile. It is my interpretation of the plight of displaced people in the world who have been uprooted from their families, homes and countries. Our roots give us life. They give us our identity.”

To view images of this artwork clearly, click on the thumbnail to make full view, you can then scroll through each image.
‘Sense of place’ and ‘Belonging’ are recurring themes in my work following on from a previous series of paintings entitled ‘Uprooted’.
To view images of this painting clearly, click on each thumbnail to make full view, you can then scroll through each image.

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