Self-portrait with feather


‘Self-portrait with feather (after the portrait of Patti Smith with small white feather 1968)’ Framed, ready to hang.

Pencil on gesso on aluminium panel. 38x38x4cm.

© 2020 Cathy Stocker | All Rights Reserved

Artist Statement:

“One of my heroes is Patti Smith. In her memoir ‘Just Kids’ she talks about creating a portrait of a portrait; “Taking my camera to MoMA, I searched for inspiration. I took a series of black-and-white portraits of de Kooning’s Woman I, and had them developed. Taping them to a wall, I began her portrait. It amused me to do a portrait of a portrait.”

It is the photograph of Patti Smith holding a small white feather, circa 1968 which is the inspiration for this self-portrait – a portrait of a portrait, or a portrait after a portrait’…”

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