‘Homeostasis No.1’


‘Homeostasis No.1’ Acrylic and Conté on canvas. Un-framed. Ready to hang.
One of a kind artwork, signed on the front.
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Homeostasis No.1 is my interpretation of how our bodies maintain a constant internal environment despite external situations. Homeostasis refers to how a person under conflicting stresses and motivations can maintain a stable psychological condition. This happens whereby the body uses a combination of the parasympathetic nervous system working in conjunction with the sympathetic nervous system to manage the body’s responses. The paintings combine figurative life drawings and abstract painting techniques working together to create this (unseen) balance within our bodies”
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This artwork will be wrapped using Acid-Free Archival Paper (Glassine) and packaged in bubble wrap, reinforced with corrugated paper and outer wrapping using tear resistant Kraft paper with reinforced tape. Shipping will have full tracking. Delivery times may vary depending on time zone and will be confirmed once your order has been placed.


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