‘Nostalgia’. Oil and Acrylic on hardboard panel. 58x79x4cm. 2018.

ARTIST STATEMENT: “What is Nostalgia? A wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one’s life? A yearning or longing for how things once were? Nostalgia is now recognised as a powerful tool in the battle against anxiety and depression but it wasn’t always so. Not until about 15 years ago when up until that point Nostalgia had always been thought of as a debilitating process of yearning, of times lost. Now, however, Nostalgia is shown to be both a driver of empathy and social connectedness, and a potent internal antidote for loneliness and alienation.¬†The British painter Humphrey Ocean RA talks about black being the greatest colour in the world. My latest paintings feature big, bold brush strokes in black acrylic. They become the backbone, or spine of the paintings on which to hang the colours which are in oils”.

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