‘Nostalgia’. Oil and Acrylic on plywood box panel


‘Nostalgia’. Oil and Acrylic on wood. Varnished. Un-framed. Ready to hang.
One of a kind artwork, signed on the back.
To view images of this painting clearly, click on each thumnail to make full view, you can then scroll through each image.
“What is Nostalgia? A wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one’s life? A yearning or longing for how things once were? The inspiration for this painting was a calm remembering of a time in my younger life. This painting is a celebration of that time. It is a reflection of that younger self, within my here and now. Since making this painting, I have learned that Nostalgia is now recognised as a powerful tool in the battle against anxiety and depression but it wasn’t always so. Not until about 15 years ago when up until that point Nostalgia had always been thought of as a debilitating process of yearning, of times lost. Now, however, Nostalgia is shown to be both a driver of empathy and social connectedness, and a potent internal antidote for loneliness and alienation.”
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This artwork will be wrapped using Acid-Free Archival Paper (Glassine) and packaged in bubble wrap, reinforced with corrugated paper and outer wrapping using tear resistant Kraft paper with reinforced tape. Shipping will have full tracking. Delivery times may vary depending on location and will be confirmed once your order has been placed.


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