Uprooted No. 3

‘Uprooted No.3’. Acrylic ink and resin on canvas panel.

“‘Uprooted No. 3’ is a panel from a series of six, each with the same title, originally presented as a Hexaptych. It is my interpretation of the plight of displaced people in the world who have been uprooted from their families, homes and countries. Our roots give us life. They give us our identity.”

I donated ‘Uprooted No.3’ to the Bid and Rebuild Auction, which took place at the Saul Hay Gallery in Manchester on 14th March 2019. 100% proceeds from the sale of this painting went to support the refugee charities ‘Together Now’ and ‘Survivors of Torture Relief Fund’, helping displaced people re-build their lives in the UK:


2017-18 Small Scale Paintings, Paintings

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