‘Spiritus Mundi’

‘Spiritus Mundi. Acrylic and Conté on Canvas. 74x130cm

August 2019.

Artist’s Statement: “Spiritus Mundi is a Latin term meaning ‘World Spirit’. My painting is a response to this concept. It is a term used by the Irish poet, WB Yeats, in his poem ‘The Second Coming’ to describe the collective soul of the universe containing the memories of all time. This concept resonates with my own beliefs (faith). My work combines figurative life drawing with abstract painting elements in equal measure. This painting explores a Christ-like figure, a metaphor for the ‘Second Coming’, which questions our perceptions of what that might be. Spiritual, physical, metaphysical? I have explored the crucifixion pose many times in my work, which has underpinned my inquiries into what is God? “GOD IS…in all things”.

Drawings, Life Studies, Paintings, Portraits